Monday, 11 April 2016

How Se-doms sit

I know this is probably a bit weird, but I'm totally facinated by the way Se-doms sit. (Yes, sit.) Today, I was reminded about it at a cafe by an ESFJ who also thinks it's very recognizable. It's a bit hard to put into words but I'll try my best:

When Se-doms sit on a chair it's like they're completely unaware of its ”chairness”. It looks like it would make no difference to them if it was a rock, or a pile of paper. Like they would be completely unaware of those concepts, because while they're sitting on it, it's just something you can use to do the act of sitting.

This is more pronounced in some individuals who make it look even more like what they're sitting on is somehow completely ”temporary”. (Could have a correlation with sx instinctual variant? Not sure yet.) They often lean forward, lean their arms on their legs, and sit on the edge of the chair but they seem to lean more on their feet than the chair, like they might get up at any moment and do a frontflip. Not necessarily like they're in a hurry, or can't concentrate, it's just that they're so in tune with their surroundings that it seems like it's as good a possibility as it is to keep sitting.

I guess it's in Se's nature to be at home in any environment, and that's where this is coming from. Of course, it applies to everything, not just sitting, but for some reason that's when I see it so clearly it amazes me.

The reason this is so facinating to me is probably that I'm an Se-inferior, so I'm not surprised if others are not as impressed by this. To, let's say an INFP this might be just totally irritating and the meantioned ESFJ's reaction to it is mostly just a sarcastic 'lol'. To me it's both funny and enviable.

Kind of reminds me of some of my interaction with Se-doms, that continue to amuse me. Along the lines of this example:

I'm walking in a forest with an ESTP and he suddenly jumps against a tree, bounces off back to the ground, and keeps on walking like nothing ever happened. When I ask: ”So, why did you do that?”, the ESTP looks at me totally baffled, like it's the dumbest question ever, and says: ”It was there.”

I guess this kind of things, and for some reason their sitting style in particular, remind me that I always kind of need more Se in my life, with the bittersweet notion that I'll never do it as effortlessly as they do. Oh well. It goes the other way around with Ni too, of course.

For contrast, here's a picture I drew of an Si-dom sitting. I don't know if it's actually informative at all, but anyway. (And I don't have any good sketches of Se-doms...) Ignore my random additions (it's probably easy to guess which objects weren't actually in the room).


  1. Oo, näyttää jotenkin tutulta tuo kuva ♥ :'D Tää teksti sai taas heräämään et pakko kyl nähä pian!

    1. Hehe, voi olla. Vaikka aihe saattaa olla vähän vieras. :'D Ja niinpä, millon me oikein nähdään! xD