Sunday, 10 April 2016

What to expect here

Actually, I don't have a specific answer to that, so I'm just going to start with something as random as the following posts are most likely going to be.

I have a habit of coming up with random analogies to describe the Jungian cognitive funtions but I also have a habit of not writing any of them down so I forget them as quickly as I think of them, unless I happen to talk about something related to it in personality forums or something, which is why I still remember this one:

Ne vs. Ni

Ne is like lifting and turning an object to all possible positions, without changing your own vantage point.

Ni is like looking at an object from all possible angles, without touching the object itself or changing its position.

The result is the same: You get to see the object from all sides but the approach is different. Ne understands through what-ifs and its ideas move further and further away from where they started, while Ni undestands by sort of circling around the idea to get to its core.

The other end of the perceiving access seems to come into the picture here as well, because Ne's pair, Si, kind of makes the environment part of itself while Ni's pair, Se, is more like becoming one with the environment.

Anyway, this actually came back to me because I had another analogy come to me just in the morning:

Ni: Synonymous
Si: Homonymous

By this, I mean to refer to both their similarity and their differences. Both compare information to past experience but for Si it's sensory data and for Ni it's underlying patterns. So Si's focus is on information similar to homonyms: they appear the same. Ni's focus is on information similar to synonyms: they mean the same. For example, looking at people's faces, an Si user might be more inclined to note who are relatives, and an Ni user might be more inclined to note who have similar personalities. (Obviously, this is simplified because you can come to the same conclusions in multiple ways but it's to illustrate what kind of information they pay attention to.)

I guess that's it for today. This blog will probably live up to its name.

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