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What I Love About Enneatypes: Type One

Something like this was requested by my very awesome enneagram One roommate, so I'm probably going to do this about every other enneagram type in the future as well. One seems like the logical place to start anyway.

I'm aware that all the things I'm going to mention have their natural downside. That's how it is for every type and every person. I just want this post to focus on the good things. This is all coming from my subjective INFJ 9 viewpoint. It's what I personally love about type Ones, so it's also tied to our interaction, and the Ones I've had in my life.

Let's feature some of my favourite fictional Ones in all their oneness:

1. Follow-through

You asked an enneagram One to do something and they agreed? Consider it done. About five minutes ago.

No, but seriously, once Ones set out to do something they are generally very effective at finishing, and rather fast as well. I guess that's because they are so decisive. They don't just know their goal, they seem to know every step like each one of them was a goal itself. Not all of them notice this at all, because it's so natural for them to know which option out of many is the best one. It's their natural outlook on life.

I'm a social variant with a One-wing (stereotypically the most likely Nine to be a workaholic), so I'm actually on the ”work first” side as well, but Ones are obviously better with fast results than I am. That's why I generally love working with them, especially when not every member of a group can be trusted to do their part. The Ones will definitely do their part, most likely finish it first, and probably help others to finish theirs after that.

I relate to that slightly, but to a much lesser degree, because (as expected of an SO 9) most of my attention goes to improving things like group dynamics and interaction, finding compromises and making sure that nobody is left out etc. So whenever a functioning One is around in a situation like that, everything feels so much easier! They make me feel that things are going to work out. They are just so good at making them work out.

2. Justice

Ones judge people by their actions. When they're healthy, it's a really good thing in prejudiced environments. They couldn't care less about were you come from, or what other people think of you, or anything else about your ”status”. It's only what you do that matters to them. They generally have the same rules for everyone (even though they are the hardest on themselves) and rarely play favourites. They are ready to forgive and give second chances once you change your actions for the better. Healthy Ones won't shame you forever because you made mistakes once.

Again, Ones seem to balance me out in things like these. I'm easily too understanding, too forgiving, and want to have different rules for everyone, based on individuality, their wants, needs, strenghts, weaknesses, preferences and worldview, to a degree that simply no one has the resources for. Luckily, I've learned to call out my One-wing in these situations often enough over the past few years, and get the Nine idealism in check to identify a more solid agenda for myself when it's needed. I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't had so many enneagram Ones around.

3. Opinionated

”Very few things are ”whatever” to me.”

This is what my roommate says to me about once a week at least, because she has trouble comprehending my ”neutrality” sometimes.

I'm drawn to people with strong personality. Can't help it, it's just facinating to me, how some people can express themselves so clearly. Ones are definitely in that group of people. They're not explosive or all-over-the-place, on the contrary, they often seem tense or even rigid but even so, they have really strong personalities. And that's because they are so opinionated.

It's my comfort zone to interact with people like this. Ones are generally sure about everything, and they take pride in it. For some reason it kind of warms me up. I know some people feel quite threatened by it actually, but I'm a listener by nature and enjoy taking their viewpoint exactly because it's so solid, so clearly defined which I'm not. Somehow, even when they're unsure, they're able to make it seem like they're sure.

Also, talking with an accepting, healthy One for long enough, always makes me remember that I'm a lot less neutral about things than I generally appear to be. They inspire confidence in me, they make me feel like it's not just okay to be outwardly opinionated: it's important, so people actually know the real you.

They are also great critique partners/editors for a Nine, because their viewpoint is so clear. They can make me see it if I'm trying to accomodate too many viewpoints at once. My danger is being too accepting and theirs is being too stuck in their views so exchanging them always helps to get things into perspective, at least for me.

4. Energy

Not like duracel-bunny-jump-to-the-roof-and-roll-across-the-floor-can't-sit-still kind of energy. One's energy just is a constant, strong stream that never seems to run out. I guess you could say their ”active recovery” is beyond comprehension.

I've seen Ones having burn-outs that compare to no one of any other type, and yet they need exactly five minutes to rise from them. Especially when they've been down an unhealthy path, and then suddenly figure out where the right path is. It's like they're completely reborn in a second. It never stops amazing me.

Healthy Ones are very good at consistency, and balancing out work and play. Average Ones are mostly only good at work, and I know it's no good on logn term, but I can't help but admire some aspects of it, because they seem to pull it off so efforlessly. I'm not saying it's easy, but it's natural for them.

I'm quilty of workaholicism myself, but it's different. I work in energy spikes. I'm an absolute wreck everytime I finish something big and I need pretty much an equal amount of time to recover. Sometimes more. I can do nothing but school work one week, but then I'm most likely not going to do anything but read (fiction) books the next week.

I'm also easily overwhelmed if I have to do a lot of projects at the same time. I can't just do a portion of this and a portion of that one day, and another next day, without becoming very stressed out, like Ones can. I have to dive really deep and preferably do everything there is to do for one project at once (I know, rarely possible) before I can really even think about the next.

I know the way Ones work is more logical and more practical. So, to me, it seems like they can make their brains work in the way they find the most logical. I guess this is why Ones are so good all-rounders. While, for me, it seems everything I do is away from something else. To be really good at one thing, I have to absolutely suck at something else. Ones have an amazing ability to make no compromises, and I'm not sure how they do it. I'm not saying that Ones are always good at everything, but they do seem to have a really great ability to be good enough outside their comfort zone. Because work kind of is their comfort zone... They often get similar results, whether they hate or love what they're doing.

I guess work is work for them. I basically have to love what I do to be any good at it.

5. Integration

Ones integrate to Seven! Which means that at their best they're spiced up with exactly the right amount of spontaniety. They become fun-loving and silly, but I don't have to worry that it's going to get out of hand, or that I won't be able to keep up with it, like with so many other types (Actual Sevens!). Ones rarely need anyone to slow them down. Nor do I. When we get spontaneous together, it's still perfectly harmonious for my taste.

It's taking random moonlit walks, or going to a grill in the middle of the night.

It's watching, eating, or drinking something really bad and then having so much fun reviewing how bad it was.

It's staying up all night marathoning an anime series.

It's visiting a random town you've never been to, just for the heck of it.

It's coming up with random challenges, like ”let's make it a point to try every cake this cafĂ© has, so we can't just order what we always order the next 20 times we come here.”

It's having a lot of fun in subtle ways.

So what if you both have small comfort zones, when you can be happy in the bubble together?

These are my feelings for enneagram Ones at the moment. Stay awesome, don't be too hard on yourselves, and embrace that inner Seven!

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