Saturday, 2 July 2016

What I Love About Enneatypes: Type Two

I'm aware that all the things I'm going to mention have their natural downside. That's how it is for every type and every person. I just want this post to focus on the good things. This is all coming from my subjective INFJ 9 viewpoint. It's what I personally love about type Twos, so it's also tied to our interaction, and the Twos I've had in my life.

Some of my favourite fictional Twos:

1. Their smile

Twos smile the most, and they do it best. They always have stars in their eyes when they smile. Twos have the most radiant, friendly, gentle and sensitive smiles of all enneagram types. I've admired these smiles my whole life, long before I knew these people shared a personality type in any theory.

These smiles have an amazing power, that I, as a typical expressionless-to-gloomy Nine, could never have and can't stop being in awe of. People are drawn to these smiles, a smile from a Two can really save someone's day. Sometimes Twos don't have to do anything else, just smile, and people will love them for it. They have natural, soft, and cheerful charisma. It's like they're sprinkling fairy dust from their eyes when they smile. And I'm really saying that with zero sarcasm.

Obviously, I'm one of the people really drawn to Twos' smiles. I'm like the founder of the fan club.

2. Expressiveness

Twos are often really good at expressing their feelings, and talking about them. For me, it's such a relief, because I can be good at conversation but first I need something to work with. If the other person doesn't give something out, I'm as useful as an empty seat. Twos put a lot of their thoughts and feelings out, so our conversations are always smooth. There are no awkward silences, because silence is okay, when it's as natural as talking. Me and Twos just seem to be really comfortable with each other. They're more talkative and I'm more silent but it's still always okay for the conversation to reach either end of the spectrum. Actually, it's okay because of that, I think. Somehow our comfort zones really complement each other.

Also, their face might be the easiest for me to read in general, because they almost always react with expression, their face is alive all the time. It's easy to feel connected to them, because they really communicate with everything in them. Even though they might not like the sound of being like ”an open book”, to me it's all positive. It makes all communication so much easier, because I don't have to do anything to "set the mood" which I'm no good at.

3. Agression

This is related to the previous one, but it's special from my point of view. Twos can lash out at people, they can ran from the room with doors slamming, they can give you silent treatment for days... and expect everything to be okay right after. It's totally normal for them, they do it all the time, and for some reason it looks refreshing to me. Well, obviously because I can't do any of that. I struggle getting in touch with my agression in the first place. But it comes so naturally to Twos, and I guess it gives me a feeling of security, seeing how freely they can express their anger without fearing losing anyone. (Not saying they never fear it, of course.)

On the contrary, actually. They can do it, because they expect people to come running after them. They want them to. I guess I see that as an expression of a sense of self, and I admire that. I know people also think this is petty and childish, because it hurts their pride, but this is how I see it.

4. Considerateness

Other types may be aware of people's needs and be good at responding to them, but Twos are more than that. They are always ahead. When they think you might be thirsty, they've already prepared something for when you'll want something salty. I don't want to reinforce the image of Twos as housewives but that came to my mind first. Think of it analogically if you want.

I know some people can find Twos pushy, but I admire how they're always actively seeking ways to make people's days brighter. They bring so much colour around them, because they aren't about bare necessities. They don't just try to help. They try to make people happy. They don't just help people with what's on the table. They always bring something more.

They don't spare compliments either, but even so they usually do honestly mean what they say. They acknowledge that people need friendly words, reaffirmation, thanking, and everything that other types might easily leave unsaid.

5. The epitome of the Golden Rule

I don't just mean to say that Twos generally treat others well. I also mean that they put a lot of effort into treating others pretty much exactly the way they would want to be treated, whether they do it consciously or not.

Not that they don't feel good about helping others without receiving anything in return. Just that their ideal would be that they'd get the same treatment as they give. I think this is really great about Twos, once you realize it: They're putting their wishes out there in a way that hurts no one. (Unless it's about disintegration of course.)

I guess this is coming from the typical Nine inablity to put anything of oneself out there. So, as the reoccuring theme in this post seems to be, the way Twos put themselves out there, resonates with me. Because it's non-confrontational, gentle, other people benefit from it, and yet it's nontheless an expression of the Two's own self, needs, and personality. All in the same package. Brilliant.

So please, my lovable Twos, be proud of yourselves, and don't worry so much about what other people think of you. The ones that count, do love you.

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